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Welcome to your new AspirePerks platform. This is where all FP employees can access multiple pages to benefit you! Click on any of the quick links above to see just some of the things that are available to you! #FPCareAboutYou
Frequently Asked Questions

FP Aspire FAQ's

  • Why has everything changed?

    After analysing your Employee Satisfaction Survey results, we realised that the old Aspire platform wasn’t engaging enough. This is because perks were never updated and your personal profiles didn’t always show your points correctly. You also requested more discounts on what you were redeeming. We also noticed that FP’s communication platforms could be improved. Aspire is now not only for perks and incentives but also an easily accessible platform for the company to communicate news, updates, promotions, initiatives, new ideas and much, much more!
  • How do I redeem my AspirePerks points?

    a. Just login from the Home Page to check your points balance. b. Then follow the link to AspirePerks at the bottom of the page and browse through the gifts c. Then you just need to log your request on the AspirePerks form. d. There are 3 different areas in which you can redeem your points 1. When searching through all perks, any perk that has an ‘instant digital voucher’ banner on it means you can redeem this via your Aspire points 2. Have a look through the ‘Rewards’ section of AspirePerks. Anything on here is redeemable through Aspire points 3. Any cinema vouchers on AspirePerks are redeemable via Aspire points. e. The points you have redeemed will then be deducted from your balance and your latest choice of gift will show on your Profile Page
  • How do I work out how many Aspire points I need for a voucher with the AspirePerks discounts?

    We’ve made it as simple as possible for you by supplying a calculator on the AspirePerks form. All you need to do is type into the calculator: a. The amount of money you request in vouchers b. The percentage discounted on the given perk c. This will then calculate how many Aspire points you need
  • Where have the Money can’t buy Aspireperks gone?

    a. Don’t worry; we haven’t taken them away from you! Just go to the 'In house perks' section on AspirePerks. b. These items are unique to FP Aspire and therefore there is a slightly different process in place to fulfil them. c. To redeem them, just fill in the form on the Aspireperks page but remember you can only redeem an individual “Money Can’t Buy” gift once a month d. Once you have redeemed your “Money Can’t Buy” choice, to help your Manager avoid excessive stress levels, please make sure you agree the date you would like to make use of the gift.
  • How long do I have to redeem my points balance?

    a. You can save up your points to buy your AspirePerks gift but they should be redeemed within the calendar year they are awarded. b. Where points have been awarded in the last quarter of a calendar year, then speak to your Manager if you would like to carry them over c. You must have spent ALL Aspire points before your contract end date with FP d. You must be employed with FP on the date your FP Aspire points are awarded.
  • What if there’s something on AspirePerks and I want to use my Aspire points for it but it’s not an instant voucher

    Obviously as you can imagine, the administration behind making every perk redeemable with Aspire points isn’t possible. But if there is something that you really want, please fill in the AspirePerks form (make a suggestion) and we’ll see what we can do.
  • Can I sell my points?

    a. Whilst we appreciate your entrepreneurial initiatives, points are not redeemable for cash. b. AspirePerks enables you to redeem gifts or vouchers with no tax implications for you, FP will pay any tax that may be due, but this means you need to play by the rules.
  • Will the gifts change on AspirePerks?

    AspirePerks is now outsourced. They add and remove perks throughout the year dependent on their popularity. They are constantly analysing market trends and areas that they can get us at FP discounts! When they add something new, they will send a notification to your smartphone or PC!
  • What if I don’t have any Aspire points and I just want to access perks?

    a. That’s absolutely fine! You have your own login to AspirePerks where you can download ALL perks and vouchers for yourself. b. You can log your own bankcard details on your account and easily purchase anything
  • How do I access childcare benefits?

    Just go to the ‘Salary Sacrifice’ category where you will find Childcare benefits and so much more!!
  • How do I access perks when I’m out and about?

    That’s easy, there’s a Perkbox App!! Just download the app on your Smartphone, login and you can access the discounts wherever you are! Dreamy!
  • What if i have some news that I think is worthy of the newsletter?

     Please email e.nourse@fpmailing.co.uk and we will take a look!
  • What is the very hungry caterpillar?

    Surely everyone’s read the book as a kid…? Just imagine FP as a caterpillar. If the caterpillar was fed with lots of food then it would grow into a beautiful butterfly! Which basically means the more competitive insight that we get… the easier it will be for us to grow as a company! What better way to do that that gather all of yours, your families, your friends, your neighbours envelopes from your post and let us know which competitors franking machine was used to frank it? If you have any of these envelopes, all you have to do is go to the Caterpillar form and share this with us! …. And you’ll get Aspire points!